Profile page of London based Magician Adam Keisner who specializes in Close-Up, Sleight of Hand Magic with cards, coins and borrowed objects, finger rings, bank noets, pens....
Born on the 10th March 1975 Adam discovered Magic age ten whilst watching the Paul Daniels TV Magic show.

It sparked a lifetime passion and began an intense relationship with decks of cards and various different coins. Items of stationary and kitchen utensils would sometimes get borrowed too. ‘I remember family members becoming quite concerned, long hours alone in my room, the odd sound of cards flexing, coins clinking and no incense was involved.’

I am very fortunate to say that for the past eleven years I have made my living performing Close-Up Magic professionally. It’s what I love doing.

It’s taken me to nine different countries and allows me to perform every where from corporate hospitality trade shows and product launches to Weddings Birthdays and Barmitzphas and even a Wake.