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Corporate Magic

Last night I was booked to entertain at the London Marriot, County Hall for the 60th anniversary of Cadogan Hollidays. As part of the celebrations one lucky lady won a Diamond! The slightly less fortunate had to make do with me pushing borrowed coins into a solid glass bottle and other feats of immposibilia. Top London based Photographer Robert Guy Baalham was there to capture the moment, nice one Rob!

Wedding Magic

I had the pleasure of entertaining a Greek Wedding a few weekends back at Loudwater Farm Twas a really nice event with fantastic food, up for it guests and courtesy of top photographer Tony Russell I got these nice shots of me performing for the Bride.

Thanks Tony and congratulations to Nicky Artemi, also for wearing the coolest matching shades I've seen a bride wear.

Summer Conjuring 2009

Hello, to anyone that reads my blog !

It's been a while since I last blogged so what's been going on......Well, I've redone my sites, I've been wanting to do these for a while but was waiting for some major updates to the software I use so they're finally all done.

The next project will be for me to re-do my
magicians showreel.

Magic wise things have been good, can't say I've felt the economic downturn too badly although February was pretty lean. I'm now well and truly in the flow of
Wedding Magician season which means a lot of Weddings, wedding cake, tricks for the kiddies and enjoying the great British outdoors.

More photo's below of me grinning inanely, I must love my job! These were various different events I've worked my way round over the summer period, Essex, Brighton and
Surrey were the locations. Thanks to Rachel and Andrew (Bride & Groom below) for the kind words.

“Dear Adam, Just wanted to say how much our guests enjoyed your magic show at our wedding on Saturday afternoon. Many of them were talking about it all weekend and trying to work out how you did your tricks - especially the card in the wallet one! It was nice to meet you and just a shame that all the photographing meant Rachel and I didn't get to see more of your magic! Thanks for contributing to what was a great day for us and all the best for the future.” Andrew and Rachel


As we enter the latter part of British summer time enquires for the festive season seem to snowball. If you've an interest in booking a Magician for The Office Christmas party please enquire now to secure availability.

November December, Festive Fooling

A blonde, a brunette, a ginger haired Magician and a fake Christmas tree. It can only mean one thing, Christmas time Magic is here complete with funky canapes, free booze, goodie bags and speeches about the credit crunch. Although only four days into December I ve done 5 gigs and the photos below are from last nights event, a Christmas party for Harvey Nash. Was a great bash in a private marquee held at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea gardens. Big thanks to Luke Potter the photographer who took these cool shots.

Time Out for London Magician

A While ago I was approached by Time Out to have a little article written about me and the life of a London based Magician

Close-up magician Adam Kiesner
Adam Keisner, 32, is a close-up magician and sleight-of-hand artist. He’s an associate member of the Inner Magic Circle with a Silver Star. ‘I got into magic through a course I saw advertised at the City Lit 12 years ago – a beginner’s guide to magic. Though I’d always had an interest in magic as a child and had a Paul Daniels magic kit, my real interest in magic was generated from wanting to know how it worked. I used to watch it on TV and think: How is that possible?’ So what makes a man who had a ‘proper job’ (in TV post-production) jack it all in for the strange world of magic? ‘It’s fun!’ he says. ‘Intrinsically there’s something about magic that’s very clever. Why it works and why people allow themselves to get sucked into it. Human nature has evolved in such a way that it’s easy to manipulate people, and magicians do it in a way that’s honest. Someone books me to come to their do, they’re expecting me to deceive them – and deceive them well. Quite a weird psychology. There’s no profession in the world quite like it.’ Adam Keisner (07968 810007/ The Magic Circle, Centre for the Magic Arts, 12 Stephenson Way, NW1 (020 7387 2222/www.themagiccircle. Euston tube/rail. For ‘Meet The Magic Circle’ enquiries call 01322 221592. City Lit, Keeley St, WC2 (020 7831 7831/ Holborn tube. The next four-week Magic for Performance course, suitable for beginners, starts October 7.